Understanding anger..

What is anger? We are often told that anger is bad or wrong in some way and the distinction isn't made between anger itself and what we do with it. It is a communication that something is not right, whatever that might be. Left untended it is likely to turn into a festering wound. This could be internalized and become resentment, which is not good for the self or it could come out in passive aggressive ways, that are not good for relationships. Learning to communicate truth regularly is important, even in small ways either directly with the person involved or to a trusted other. Trying to be 'all good', or light, or funny, or friendly all of the time is ultimately not healthy. There needs to be balance and a tending to what may seem like the more uncomfortable states of being. Hiding to appear a certain way, creates an instability within the self and in life. Similarly in teaching children to be a 'good girl' or a 'good boy' is not always assisting them to be a healthy child and learn how to feel and express their emotions.  

Being real and being true is often harder than being how you perceive others need you to be #thework.

#angerisnotbad #truthcanhealyou #goodchilddoesnotequalhealthychild #anger #emotionalhealth #beingreal

Rochelle Gates