I am a therapist and facilitator, informed by over two decades of work and training in the healing fields. I bring my deep learnings both personally and professionally in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Relationship Coaching and Aware Parenting to my work. I am also well versed in the somatic and energetic realms through my experiences as a Qoya teacher, Arvigo® Therapist and Mayan Spiritual Healer.

My work focuses on healing and empowering each individual, to be able to love and act freely, in a manner that is truly authentic to them.

Specialising in:

  • Development of emotional well-being
  • Relationships
  • Confidence
  • Parenting
  • Life Transitions
  • Self Esteem
  • Healing life events, and relationships that still sit with you, and leave you feeling unable to move on freely.
  • Working with dreams/visions for the future

Do you find yourself relating or acting in ways that feel stuck, that you would like to shift or change?

Do you want to release judgement and expectations of others, real or perceived, and feel more grounded and rooted in yourself and what is true and right for you?

Have you recognised that you take on too much responsibility for others?

Do you feel like you are playing outdated roles that you want some freedom from?

Are you feeling some emotion that you don’t fully understand and want to gain relief and insight into, and potentially solutions for?

Is there a relationship from the past that is impacting your ability to relate to others now?

Do you respond in ways that seem automatic that you really don’t like and want to change?

Are you wanting to move forward in a new direction and finding it difficult?

Is there a specific situation or incident that seems highly charged for you, that you are finding it challenging to move on from, and is holding you back, that you can’t let go?

Are you feeling like you have no space or time to ‘unravel’ your emotions, that is starting to affect your health?

Do you have a relationship with yourself that is not ideal?

Perhaps with an inner critic that takes up too much space?

I use action methods in sessions, which give you a chance to see yourself and your situation from a greater perspective. Often exploring past, present or future occurrences, and developing new solutions and responses to difficulties or challenges. Enabling you to express yourself more fully in your life, work and relationships; creating new ways of being, rather than the old or restrictive ways of being, and functioning in a way that is more in accordance with yourself.

“Over and over again, I have seen how thoughts that were not thought and feelings that were not felt by day, afterwards appeared in dreams, and in this way reached consciousness indirectly.” Carl Jung.

This unprocessed material can affect how we function and act in our everyday lives, and often comes through in therapy. By bringing these thoughts and feelings into awareness and working with them, they can be integrated and updated to more fully support functioning in a way that is more aligned with how you consciously want to act, behave, relate and create.

Some people come to therapy knowing specifically what they want to work on, some people just know they need to come. Whatever you arrive with, I will hold space for you to digest, shift, bring to awareness, and to develop and grow; whilst also trusting and facilitating your innate intelligence and capacity.

Bringing to awareness and melting the survival strategies and mechanisms that have been built, that may now be outdated. Restoring the energy, elixir and flow of emotion, so there is more available, that is attuned to the present time. More able to be present within yourself to act in empowering ways, perhaps responding from what is your truth right now, rather than being overly concerned with others thoughts and feelings, so much so that you lose yourself. Having access to feelings of love and joy. Being spontaneous.

“Warm up to our selves, our relationships and our world a fresh.” Jacob Moreno

Sessions are available in person.

1 hour – $100
Consession available on request

Available in:
Ponsonby, Mt Albert, Maraetai

Email me to book a session:

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