Sanctuary - Qoya Auckland - Pukekohe

Thursday July 11th, 7pm - 9pm. Pukekohe.

Theme: Sanctuary

What would it feel like to have your own Sanctuary within? A safe place to hold you when life is hectic. When things seem out of your control, what would it feel like to know a place that is solid for you? In this class I invite you to dance with your relationship to Sanctuary, what would it be like to know this space intimately. A reliable source of support, a container, a knowing that you are there for you.

No previous dance or yoga experience necessary, come as you are!

For those new to Qoya, Qoya is a movement and embodiment practice that brings together dance, yoga, feminine movement and community. It's less about how it looks and more about how it feels and invites the opportunity to slow down and connect in.

Bookings essential, spaces are limited to 10 people.

Cost $22 per class.

Email me to book in

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