Qoya in Auckland – Women’s dance and movement classes – Tuesday nights in Grey Lynn.

Grey Lynn Community Centre: Tuesday nights 7.45pm – 9.45pm, starting February 5th, 2019.

Qoya is a movement and embodiment practice that brings together dance, yoga, feminine movement and community. It’s less about how it looks and more about how it feels and invites the opportunity to slow down and connect in. 

Our first series in 2019 is Opening to Love – 6 weekly classes. Come for every class or choose the ones for you. See https://rochellegates.com/qoya/ for ongoing classes.

Feb 5th – Heart Whispers. What is your heart whispering to you? As we begin 2019, if your heart was to lead what would it have you do now? Where would you spend your energy? What would you open your heart to? What would you reset?

Feb 12th – Embracing the unknown. Trusting ourselves and perhaps stepping off the trodden path isn’t always easy; or going against the grain, others opinions or even the norm we have come to know for ourselves. Often when we say no to something, or there is an ending, there is a gap. This can be scary or lonely, yet it can also be a place to rest, to let go, to build foundations, to sink in, to create and nurture the soil for what’s next.

Feb 19th – Heart’s break so they can open. What does this even mean? Sometimes a death occurs either figuratively or actually. A death of a relationship, a job, a dream or a way of being. Often this is like saying no to what is not us, truly, and leaving space for something else that is aligned with who we are now.

Feb 26th – Gentle with myself. What is this thing called Self Love?

Mar 5th – Vulnerability. Being vulnerable can be one of the scariest things, yet can be so powerful. It is the key to love both within the self and with others, allowing ourselves to be real and true, embracing and honouring our humanity.

Mar 12th – Intimacy. Are you ready? 
Ready to be seen, 
to be known, 
to be held?

If you really want to explore this territory, come for each of the 6 classes, an initiation. Or pick and choose your classes.

Please email to book in qoya@rochellegates.com.

Bookings essential.

$120 for all 6 classes paid in advance or $25 per

No previous dance or yoga experience necessary, come as you are!

Or call Rochelle on 021 858 976.

With love,
Rochelle & Libby x

Is Qoya for you?

At any age. At any size.
Whether or not you know how, it’s hard to motivate yourself to do it.
You don’t want to do exercise that is painful or boring.
Your soul craves an experience that’s filled with intention, truth, and play, that leaves you enlivened rather than depleted.

You want to trust yourself more, to find the answers inside, rather than outside.
You want to feel the intuitive tug of your soul, but you sometimes question it when you do hear it, and think it’s irrational advice to trust.

You’re a busy woman with a full life.
You get overwhelmed by your obligations and the endless stream of messages from a culture that urges you to do more, faster, better.

You want to embody your feminine essence.
To relax into receiving rather than burning the candle at both ends achieving.

But how?
Your body is your guide.
Your body is the compass you use to navigate the journey to trusting yourself.
The feeling in your body is your north star, guiding you from external validation to internal.
It is the portal to the little voice inside that asks for what you REALLY want.

It may feel impossible to carve out time and space to hear that voice, but the truth is…

It’s really simple, takes little time, and is available to everyone.


Movement is the quickest, most effective way to tap into your body’s wisdom.
Your body is the most technically complex organism on earth.

It stores and processes information in ways that your mind can’t, and is the most powerful resource you possess.

When you move, you access that information.

You experience the physical sensation of truth – what’s true for you – and gain the confidence and clarity to follow it.

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember.
We remember our essence as women is wise, wild and free.
We remember how to trust the truth in our body as our sacred guide to embody our soul and live a life aligned with our truth by following our intuition.

We remember that the body is holy, and specifically the temple of our eternal soul.

Qoya is a movement system based on the idea that through movement, we remember.

We remember our essence is wise, wild, and free.
Wise, wild and free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice:

Wise: the wisdom of yoga
Wild: the creative expression in dance
Free: expanding our capacity to enjoy our bodies through sensual movement

In every Qoya class, you experience 13 core components expressing a unique theme for the day that supports the embodiment of your feminine essence.

You also engage in ritual, pilgrimage, and community connections to open your heart, mind, and spirit.

You slow down and feel. You sweat. You play and have fun!

Your perspective shifts from going through the motions to savoring life as sacred.

You find the answers you seek in your body, and as well as the support to follow them.

In Qoya, imagine there is no way you can do it wrong
and the way you know you’re doing it right is when it feels good.
What if your life could follow the same rule?

Qoya is for women of all ages, body types, and levels of movement experience.

For ongoing class information about Qoya in Auckland classes, (at the Grey Lynn Community Centre) see https://rochellegates.com/qoya/

For more about Qoya see https://www.qoya.love/

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