Qoya in Auckland - Women's Dance and Movement

There’s so many things I love about Qoya, one of those things is having access to having a really good time. May sound silly, yet when life is tough, having a reliable source of a good time is invaluable. Our class this week is ‘Hearts break so they can open’ (Feb 19th), for me, my heart ache and challenge over the last few years has been with finances being on shaky ground and not seeming to have had a quick fix to the situation. Over this time having a place to go regularly to enjoy myself in an enriching and easy way has been life changing. This weekend I went to class and as I danced, I looked around the room, there were so many women I deeply love and adore. This is such a vast resource to me that I am so immensely grateful for. I went to my first Qoya class originally to dance and what I found was a community and so much more.

Qoya every Tuesday night at the Grey Lynn Community Centre 7.45pm – 9.45pm.

For ongoing class information see https://rochellegates.com/qoya/

To find out more or to book in email me hello@rochellegates.com

Alister Gates