Qoya in Auckland - Serpent

Through dancing with the animal totems, we know them more intimately, and we can call forth their medicine in our lives when we need it.

In this class we will dance with the snake. From the serpent we learn to shed what we no longer need, the way a snake sheds it's skin. We learn to set down what no longer serves us, ways of acting and being that are outdated, and allow new ways to emerge. We learn to let the energy of life flow through us, allowing restrictions to the flow of life to drop away. We learn the pleasure of being embodied, we come to know the truth and need for our connection to the earth, and to feel the support of the earth through our feet, as a snake does with it's belly.

Come dance with the serpent, with letting go, with shedding the old skin, with feeling the pulse of life, and being deeply rooted to the earth.

No previous dance or yoga experience necessary, come as you are!

Please bring a blanket and some water to stay hydrated. Wear relaxed clothes that are easy to move in!

If you arrive early please wait in the foyer until 7.45pm as there is another class before ours, there are bathrooms in the foyer. We will be in the Main Hall.

Feel free to call Rochelle Gates on 021 858 976, if you have any questions or message me.

Qoya is a movement and embodiment practice that brings together dance, yoga, feminine movement and community. It's less about how it looks and more about how it feels and invites the opportunity to slow down and connect in.

Looking forward to dancing with you!

Bookings essential.

Please email to book in hello@rochellegates.com.

Rochelle Gates