Qoya in Auckland – Heart Whispers – Grey Lynn Community Centre

Sometimes in a crazy busy life the truth of the heart feels like a concept someone dreamed up that’s so untouchable. I have often dreamed and wished that following the truth of my heart was easy, and clear, and that there would be zero doubt. People speak about courage and I have felt scared, I have needed to balance my logic with my desires, I have needed to pay the bills whilst seeking joy and happiness. I have questioned whether a heart filled life is even possible. I have learnt that timing is everything and that what I dream of doesn’t always show up in exactly the way I originally thought it would. It’s an organic process, where my internal development and growth interacts with my external reality. At times my heart has spoken loudly and I’ve had to take some courageous steps towards what I am asking for, and just as many times I have needed to take courageous steps away from what isn’t right for me. Every day there is also the opportunity to listen to the subtler pull of my heart, and I do my best to live from this place. It is not a straight line though and it’s not all nice, and good, and beautiful, it’s more like a deepening, a strengthening, a process of knowing myself and life, and I trust this. As I build this foundation of listening to my truth and learning more about the partnership that exists with who I am in myself, who I am with others, and who I am in life – there is a joy, a richness and a satisfaction that I feel. It is a dance. Life is a dance.

How is your relationship with your heart?

Come and dance with us on Feb 5th 2019 at the Grey Lynn Community Centre and explore and feel and listen to your ‘Heart Whispers’.

You can come to one class or the whole ‘Opening to Love’ series. See details in the event.


If you would like to book in, or if you have any questions and would like to connect, email me on hello@rochellegates.com. There are still spaces left.

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