Qoya in Auckland - Embracing the Unknown

As a therapist I deeply value the alchemy of the mind, heart and emotions, and yet the medicine that exists within our bodies is profound. Our bodies have a memory of everything we’ve ever lived. The stress, the pain, the love.

What fear are you living with right now?

Sometimes accessing the truth is challenging. Our brains are so potent and one of it’s abilities is to disconnect us from the pain we may feel. Moving our bodies freely can give us access to remembering, to healing.

What is it you are reaching for, dreaming of in your life right now and what is holding you back? Or have you recently let go of something and are feeling uneasy about what is next?

For me, I have been fearful of not having enough financially to support myself and my family, as I begin my work as a therapist again this is the unknown that I am dancing with. Moving my body helps me to literally keep moving and not squeeze the life out of what I am creating.

What are you fearful of and what are you holding in your body?

Come and dance with us to the theme ‘Embracing the Unknown’ on Tuesday night (Feb 12th).

Qoya every Tuesday night at the Grey Lynn Community Centre 7.45pm – 9.45pm.

‘Feel it to heal it.’

For ongoing class information see https://rochellegates.com/qoya/

Alister Gates