Experience the magic of Qoya

Come as yourself, leave as more of your Self.

Rochelle Schiek, Founder of Qoya

Qoya is a movement and embodiment practice for women that brings together the wisdom of yoga, the wildness and creative expression in dance, the freedom of feminine movement, sacred community, ritual, fun and more!

It gives us a chance to really slow down and connect in with our bodies and oursleves. Qoya focuses less on how it looks, and more on how it feels; there is no way you can do it wrong, and the way you know you are doing it right is that it feels good and true for you! It is based on the principle that everything is within and encourages us to explore life as a dance.

Qoya trains women to use movement as a way into their bodies to access their inner wisdom, to express their creativity, and to feel the freedom to revel in not only their bodies, but in their lives.

Rochelle Schieck the founder of Qoya expresses that it is less about learning how to do Qoya and more about unlearning the idea that we don’t know innately how to move our own bodies or that our own experience of our own bodies is somehow not trustworthy.

Upcoming classes:

Qoya in Auckland

Classes monthly in Mt Albert:

Next class: Sunday, May 26th – 10am – 12pm:  In My Body 

Classes monthly in Pukekohe.

Next class: Thursday, June 6th – 6pm – 8pm:  In My Body

What does it feel like to be fully grounded in your own body? To know this space intimately. To cast out all other claims to it, opinions, judgment or ideas about what it should be doing, giving, or how it looks. What if you knew this body of yours as your sacred temple and you were able to fully take up space, allowing no-one to energetically or otherwise make claim to your body or the space around you? What would it feel like to be In Your Body and know and trust it’s discernment of what feels right for you and what doesn’t. What if your body was your truest compass and guide? Your body is your constant companion throughout your whole life. Come and dance your relationship to ‘In My Body’.

$22 per class.

Please email me to book in.

Private sessions available.

To book in or find out more, contact me hello@rochellegates.com


To feel into what Qoya is and get a sense of it for yourself, here are some free movement videos http://www.qoya.love/movement-videos/

To learn more about Qoya visit http://www.qoya.love/